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CAD MAcRO-Total Engineering Solutions

CAD MAcRO is an established developer of innovative CAD/CAM products such as Wire cut software (Wire EDM), Die Mould ERP software, CNC Turning software, CNC Milling software, Press Tool Design software and other Customized Engineering Solutions(Auto CAD, Solid works, Inventor). We are developing softwares that makes Manufacturing, Tool making, Tool planning, NC Programming easier and also more productive and profitable.

Wire cut software is the combination of CAM Design and Wire EDM. The required User Interfaces for Wire EDM which helps to generate the correct NC code for machining within 1 to 2 hours after the installation of our wire cut software.

Wire Cut - MacroWire provides the most comprehensive features to deal with almost any kind of Wire EDM machining requirements & Wire EDM applications. Wire Cut - MacroWire is widely used in both Mould & Die industries.

The applications of the Wire Cut - MacroWire ranging from semi precision applications such as general Press tool & Plastic moulding fabrication to high precision machining such as manufacturing of precision parts for lead frame tooling.

User customizable post processor for CNC Wire EDM gives the flexibility to support different type of machines such as SODICK, MAKINO, MITSUBISHI, FANUC, HITACHI, CHMER, YCM, CHARMILLIES(ROBO FIL), JAPAX, ACT SPARK, ELECTRONICA, AGIE, ONA, ACCUTEX, ARD, SPM, EXCETEK & etc.

We Make Your Ideas Become a Reality, Our Finest Pieces Of Work

  • MACRO WIRE - Wire cut / Wire EDM Software.
  • MACRO LATHE - Lathe Software.
  • TOOL DESIGN - Press tool Software.
  • SHOP PLAN - Tool planning Software.
  • MACRO WIRE @ AutoCAD - Wire cut / Wire EDM Software in AutoCAD Platform.
CadMacro ShopPlan
Shop Plan

Shop Plan solutions aim to
assist you with your company
expenses by means of providing
an comprehensive view of
your organization as ...

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CadMacro MacroLathe
Macro Lathe

Macro Lathe uses the latest
programming techniques,
which provides versatile and
ease of use platform for Turning
engineers in Lathe ...

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CadMacro MacroWire
Macro Wire

Wire Cut Software provides
the most comprehensive
features to deal with almost
any kind of CNC machine
and CNC Wire EDM ...

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CadMacro ToolDesign
Macro Design

Powerful CAD solution
specifically designed for press
tool design.Automatic material
usage weight and crap weight
calculation and automatic...

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CadMacro MacroWire@AutoCAD
Macro Wire @ AutoCAD

Wire cut software combines
CAM Design and Wire EDM.
Wire EDM which helps to
generate the correct NC code
for machines within ...

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